Here Comes the BRIDE-ZILLA

Breathtaking doesn’t have to be complex. Plan your Central Park New York Wedding, and we’ll take care of the details. 

  • Is your dream of having a wedding ceremony in Central Park starting to feel like it’s more than you can handle? 
  • Are you so overwhelmed with the wedding planning process that you aren’t able actually to enjoy the process? 
  • Does the thought of letting someone help you with wedding details make you feel like you are losing control of your wedding? 
  • Has planning your dream wedding caused more than usual conflict with your partner? 
  • Have your friends, or family members made comments about your attitude or spending habits? 
  • Has anyone all of a sudden opted out of being in your wedding, and for unknown reasons?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, continue reading, and find out if you are becoming the Bridezilla from hell. It’s ok because we aren’t here to judge. We don’t want you to let the stress of wedding details keep you from the wedding ceremony of your dreams. For your convenience, we’ve created a list of signs that you are becoming a bridezilla, along with a list of things that you can do to help you cope so that you can enjoy the planning of your dream wedding; without becoming a Bridezilla.

Sign # 1. You Disregard the Wedding Budget

Remember when you and your fiancé started discussing wedding plans and ideas? One of the first things that you probably talked about was a budget. So now you are thousands in, and you want more. You just can’t spend enough, so you keep paying and completely ignore the fact that a budget was ever set. Of course, flexibility is allowed when planning a wedding. But suppose you are going thousands of dollars over your budget, putting your fiance and family in an uncomfortable financial position. In that case, this might be a sign that you’re becoming a BrideZilla. 

Sign # 2. Wedding Planning is not Fun Anymore

We all get stressed at some point. Planning a wedding can get emotional. You can quickly lose interest in planning a wedding when there is an overwhelming am0unt of stress and drama.  If you just dread wedding planning and every detail about it, you are probably becoming a BrideZilla or are dealing with one. 

Sign # 3. You Throw a Fit and Roar at People 

As we stated above, planning for your dream wedding can be stressful. However, suppose you are throwing temper tantrums, yelling at your bridesmaid for cutting her hair, getting upset with wedding vendors over details that can easily be fixed, and taking your stress out on others. In that case, you may be becoming a BrideZilla. 

Sign # 4. You Take your Frustration out on the Wedding Planner

It’s unfortunate, but some wedding planners aren’t the greatest. However, regardless of whether or not your planner is the best, it’s essential always to be respectful towards others. If you take your frustration out on your wedding planner, you just might be a BrideZilla. 

Sign # 5. You’re Constantly on a Diet 

Who doesn’t want to look their greatest as they walk down the aisle to marry the love of their life? It’s normal to have the desire to lose a few pounds for the upcoming event. However, engaging in fad diets, binges, and other unhealthy eating habits can be dangerous and negatively impact your overall well-being. If you are obsessed with dieting, this may be a red flag that you are becoming a BrideZilla. 

Sign # 6. You Have Become Quite the Drama Queen 

Planning your dream wedding was supposed to be fun, remember? But now you dread the planning, and you’re walking around like a robot, just going with the motions. Drama, Drama, Drama! All of a sudden, drama is following you everywhere you go too. But is it? You may be a little more sensitized to things because of the wedding planning. However, if you have drama everywhere you go, you might be a BrideZilla. 

Sign # 7. You Don’t Value Others Time; Vendors Dodge your Calls

If you keep canceling appointments, rescheduling them, or showing up late, this demonstrates a lack of concern for others' time. If it's to the point that the vendors are rejecting the majority of your calls, well, you have become the Bridezilla. 

Seeking Help For BrideZilla

If you are becoming a bridezilla, don’t panic, help is available. If your wedding planning is causing problems in your life, it may be time to seek professional help. You can also check out the list of tips below to find out how you can cope during the wedding planning process:

  • Take a deep breath 

  • Relax

  • Talk to a Therapist

  • Enjoy the wedding planning journey with your future partner

  • Ask others for help

Enjoy Your Happenings™ Ever After

Wedding planning takes a lot of work. Most people give up on their dreams of an iconic wedding ceremony because it feels too overwhelming to plan. We’re here to help you create a memory of a lifetime through thoughtfully organized planning tailored to iconic locations throughout Central Park so you can step into your moment with the one that you love

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About Happenings™ 

Based in Manhattan, Happenings™ founder Tom Noel would often take a walk through Central Park. In 2008, during one of his walks, he stopped to sit at one of his favorite iconic locations in the Park, the Bethesda Fountain. There, Mr. Noel noticed that the intrinsic beauty that surrounded him was not being fully harnessed. He also realized that not a single business provided the exclusiveness of an affordable and high-quality event planner. Determined to change this, Happenings™ was born.  

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