How Much Does Wedding Day Hair and Makeup Cost?

The date is set, the venue is booked, the flowers are picked, and your dress has been altered and ready for the final fitting. You’ve got an idea of how you want your hair and makeup to look, now who’s going to do it for you? How much is it going to cost you? What’s included? Chances are that you’ve already booked a make-up artist or hairstylist for the big day, but if this is a detail that you’ve overlooked and didn’t include in your wedding budget, we can help! Read on to find out what it costs to hire a professional wedding hair & make-up artist—and what their services typically include. 

Professional wedding makeup and hair artists use only the highest quality products to achieve gorgeous results. They start off with foundation, then build on this base with powder blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, and lip gloss. These professionals know exactly where to apply each product so that your finished look is flawless. Professional wedding hair & makeup artists usually work in teams, so there might be more than one person involved in creating your breathtakingly beautiful look. You want this moment to be perfect and one of the best ways to do this is by having flawless hair and makeup. 

What do wedding hair and makeup artists provide?

Here's a list of typical services that are provided by a hair and makeup professional to prepare you for your big day:

Wedding Hairstyles and Updos: 

From classic styles like curls and waves to modern looks like buns and poufs, wedding hairstyles are always changing.  The amount of styling typically includes blowouts, updos, curls, waves, finger-waves, twists, braiding, etc., as well as any other special touches and details. Your wedding hair and makeup artist will help you choose a flattering cut, add volume, shape, highlight or lowlight your natural features and make your hair stand out on your special day.

Hair Color: 

If you want to change up your hair color, get dramatic, or just keep it simple and subtle, a wedding hair and makeup team will be able to help. Whether you prefer pink, blue, red, blonde, black, brown, purple, orange, green, yellow or any other shade, there's something perfect for every hair type.


Headbands, veils, crowns, wreaths, capes and tiaras are all common additions to weddings. A wedding hair and makeup team will be able to style these pieces perfectly to compliment your dress.

Face Masks: 

Face masks are often used to refresh skin that shows signs of aging or tiredness. Applying a face mask before make-up can help create a flawless look. 


Eyebrow waxing, threading, tinting, shaping, filling, or plucking are some of the most popular eyebrow treatments performed by a wedding hair and makeup professional.


An expertly applied lipstick can transform your smile from ordinary to breathtakingly beautiful.


Highlighter can be applied to your eyebrows, cheeks, forehead, and chin to bring out your best features. It is designed to give you a subtle glow and a radiant look.


Blush is an easy way to give your cheeks a healthy youthful glow that highlighter cannot accomplish. 

Touch Ups: 

Your hair and makeup artist can be hired to be present throughout the wedding day to perform regular touch-ups. These include applying fresh powders, creams, oils, and highlighter if required.

Travel Fees: 

Your wedding hair and makeup professional may charge extra for travel expenses, especially if they travel further away, which could increase the overall cost of your package.

What are wedding hair and makeup trials? How much do they cost?

One of the biggest questions people ask when considering booking a wedding hair and makeup artist is whether or not they should take advantage of a trial service first. We recommend trying out a few different hairs and makeup artists before hiring them to ensure that you feel comfortable with their work. If you'd rather book a trial service without committing to a package deal, you may end up paying around $50-$100 for one hour during which time the artist will provide you with a sample of their work. Then you can decide if you want to hire them for your wedding or not. 

How far in advance should I book my hair and makeup artist?

The sooner you book your hair and makeup artist, the better. This ensures that the artist will have plenty of time to create a flawless look for you. If you wait until right before the wedding date, you risk finding an artist you love but aren't available or booking someone who is available and lacks experience. Which could mean getting stuck with a rushed makeup job or no job at all.

Average Wedding Hair and Makeup Prices by City

New York City: $500+ Average Bridal Hair and Makeup Cost

Los Angeles: $400+ Average Bridal Hair & Makeup Cost

Chicago: $350+ Average Bridal Hair And Makeup Cost

San Francisco: $300+ Average Bridal Hair & Makeup Cost

Washington DC: $250+ Average Bridal Hair and Makeup Cost

Miami: $200+ Average Bridal hair and

Makeup Cost

Atlanta: $150+ Average Bridal Hair Cost

Phoenix: $120+ Average Bridal Hair Cost

Dallas: $80+ Average Bridal Hair Cost

Houston: $70+ Average Bridal Hair Cost

As with any professional service, the total price of a hair and makeup artist depends on many factors. Keep in mind that knowledge, expertise, the time needed, and types of services can impact the total wedding day hair and makeup cost.

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