Why Happenings™

Plan Your Breathtaking Wedding in a Weekend

Your fiance just asked you to marry them and you’re over the moon. Then, slowly, the weight of planning a wedding begins descending on your shoulders. You’ve got to juggle planners, vendors, venues, services, logistics, and the list goes on. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be this way. Happenings™ makes planning your wedding as easy as booking a trip online. All you need is a weekend and you can have your entire wedding ceremony planned down to the smallest detail.

Your Wedding is the Happiest Time of Your Life

You’ve spent a lifetime dreaming about your wedding and it’s a time to celebrate! You are starting a new journey with the love of your life. You are making that commitment to one another in front of your friends and family. Unfortunately, the traditional wedding planning process means making this dream a reality is stressful and anxiety-inducing. Happenings™ is designed to simplify this process, helping you create a beautiful wedding ceremony without the stress.

Taking the Traditional Process to the Next Level

The current event planning process is complex, time-consuming, and requires keeping track of hundreds of details. Doing things this way can take you weeks, or even months, to plan your wedding. You have to find vendors, reach out, schedule appointments, have meetings, sign contracts, create a back-up plan, and on and on. It’s no wonder engaged couples are stressed out and dread wedding planning.

Happenings™ automates most of the event planning process with a system that efficiently and seamlessly combines the location, services, and management of your event. Being able to do all of this in one place with a user-friendly system means MAJOR time savings, taking the process from weeks to 1-2 days!

This means instead of stressing about getting your parents, future in-laws, and fiance to all have times that work together for the planning process, you just need a weekend to get all the major planning out of the way. It also means no more nagging your fiance each Saturday to pour over details and checklists in your wedding planning binder. Instead, you can use your extra time to plan your honeymoon or go on adventures before you tie the knot.

It’s As Simple as 1-2-3

With Happenings™ you have all of the wedding decisions right at your fingertips. The system walks you through the effortless planning process from inception to execution. It takes the chaos of wedding planning and distills it down to a streamlined step-by-step process. Here’s how it works.

1. Enter Your Desired Wedding Details

The wedding planning process is as simple as selecting your desired location, your wedding date, a backup date, and the number of guests you plan on for your wedding ceremony. If you can book a trip online, you can plan your wedding. It’s that easy!

2. Select a Happenings™ Plan

Based on the information you provide the available locations are listed. For each location, you get four Happenings™ plans to choose from (good, better, best, and custom). These plans are ready-made events that will help you create a flawless wedding ceremony.

3. Enhance Your Event

Once you select a Happenings™ plan you can enhance it with Happenings™ revolutionary event management system. This means fine-tuning the small details, sharing photos of what you like with your selected florist, photographer, etc., selecting songs for your playlist, finalizing details regarding seating arrangements, and so on.

For Every Couple Planning an Epic Wedding

Happenings™ is for every type of couple. Whether you are meticulous and want control over every last detail or you’re laid-back and would rather spend time planning a fabulous honeymoon instead of fussing over the little things in the wedding ceremony, Happenings™ is the solution for you! The system is designed to give you as much, or as little, control as you want.

Your Comprehensive Wedding Planning Solution

It’s time to abandon the chaos of traditional wedding planning and enjoy the process once again. Happenings™ makes this a reality with its comprehensive event planning solution that irons out the difficult aspects of planning an elegant wedding.


Happenings™ unites the event planning industry, pulling everything together into one easy-to-use system. You can find and book venues, vendors, services, wedding registries, and manage logistics all with a few taps of your fingers on your phone or any web-enabled device. In fact, Happenings™ plans are designed to give you the building blocks to create a truly amazing wedding ceremony- all you have to do is tweak the final details.

We’ve Got Your Back

Every event booked with Happenings™ has inherent redundancy built-in. This eliminates the #1 worry couples have on their wedding day-- that something will go wrong and a vendor or service provider won’t show up. Happenings™ makes sure there’s always a back-up so your wedding day is as special as you’ve always imagined. So if your photographer is a no-show, no problem. Happenings™ has another at the ready to make sure your big day goes according to plan.

Swoon-Worthy Locations

Event designers often work to create events that mimic famous places, transporting wedding guests to another world. Rather than recreate the wheel, Happenings™ makes having your dream wedding in iconic locations a reality. Imagine getting married in Central Park with the famous Bethesda Fountain as the backdrop of your wedding vows? Not only will you have stunning wedding photos, but your wedding will also be unforgettable for both you and your guests.

Plan a Safe Wedding Ceremony

Whether you’re rescheduling your wedding or just playing it on the safe side, the current offerings from Happenings™ are based on each location’s ability to accommodate CDC guidelines for COVID-19. Happenings™ helps you design a wedding ceremony that is safe so your guests can focus on celebrating rather than worrying about getting sick.

Enjoy Your Wedding Day

Once your wedding day finally arrives, it’s time for you to enjoy being with your loved ones. To help make sure your day goes as smoothly as possible, Happenings™ provides an in-person manager for every event booked. This in-person manager will deal with all the arrivals for your event. They’ll make sure your vendors and service providers arrive and know where to set-up, and they’ll also manage the arrival of your guests and wedding party giving you fewer things to worry about on your big day.

Elegant Weddings Don’t Have to Be Expensive

Many people believe that a beautiful wedding is costly. The reality is, however, that it is creativity that drives great results, not your budget. Happenings™ helps you create spectacular events that are better than you could imagine, all while still being affordable. In other words, you don’t have to have the budget of the elite to have a truly breathtaking event. Offered Happenings™ plans are designed to fit a variety of budgets all while giving couples a magical wedding ceremony.

Designed for the Event Planning Process

Happenings™ was created to simplify the event planning process. The process is the foundation of the technology, meaning everything was designed specifically to make it easier to create the event of your dreams. But we don’t just use any process. Happenings™ is founded by Tom Noel, a world class event designer with over two decades of experience in the event design industry.

Tom Noel has been involved with iconic events including the weddings of John F Kennedy Jr., Sarah Jessica Parker, Whitney Houston, Lionel Ritchie, and Vanessa Williams, and many more. Designing such events in dream locations like the Palace of Versailles and Princess Diana’s Kensington Court Palace in England, Tom Noel knows where the pain points of the event design process are and has designed Happenings™ to make planning your wedding painless, less time consuming, and affordable.

A Proven Event Planning System

Happenings™ is built off of years of Tom Noel’s event designing experience and the systems he developed. Over the last year, Happenings™ has been helping individuals throughout the country create memorable events. This beta testing has worked out any kinks and has helped transform Happenings™ into the most helpful tool on the market when it comes to planning your wedding ceremony. The results of this testing have been spectacular with over 500 events managed through the Happenings™ system. Rest assured that you get the insider advantage when you use Happenings™.

Take the Plunge

If you’re in the process of planning your wedding ceremony or re-planning for those weddings that got canceled in light of the pandemic, Happenings™ is here to help you create the wedding ceremony of your dreams from inception to execution. Toss out the wedding planning binder, forget about all of the wedding expos that have been canceled, and plan your wedding in a weekend so you can get back to enjoying life (trust us, your fiance will thank you). Start your wedding planning with Happenings™ today!

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