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Belvedere Castle

Central Park, New York

Capacity: Up to 25

About the venue

The fairytale setting of Belvedere Castle makes it one of the most loved ceremony locations in all of Central Park. Situated atop Vista Rock, the second-highest natural point in the park, the castle offers vast views of both the park and the surrounding city.

Belvedere Castle offers three different locations ideal for your wedding ceremony, each with its own romantic charm. The main terrace offers wide-open views, making it the perfect backdrop for your event. If you’d prefer something more enclosed, the covered pagoda on the terrace gives you the best of both worlds, offering a small chapel-like feel with spectacular views. You can also have your ceremony on the grand staircase, which offers a tiered ceremony layout. The versatility of the castle’s ceremony locations makes it one of our favorites. It is ideal for changes in guest count and weather situations.

While the castle is smaller, its forced perspective makes it appear grand in stature, just like the castles in Disney parks. Choosing Belvedere Castle will give you the classic romantic Cinderella experience you’ve always wanted. It is also one of the most intimate settings in Central Park.

Situated towards the center of the park, Belvedere Castle is easily accessible through the West Side 81st Street entrance. All celebrants and guests will have a short one- to two-block walk into the park to reach the castle.

Belvedere Castle is handicap accessible. Because the castle is located at one of the highest points in the park, most of the walk is uphill. Also, the wheelchair-accessible path is a bit more lengthy. Seating availability at the castle varies on the ceremony setting you choose. The terrace offers some benches, the covered pagoda offers bench seating around the perimeter, and the grand staircase offers seating on the stairs. Guests can find restrooms located nearby in Delacorte Theater.

Even in the case of inclement weather, Belvedere Castle can accommodate your ceremony, all while maintaining the romance and intimacy of your fairytale wedding.

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