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Summit Rock

Central Park, New York

Capacity: Up to 80

About the venue

Discover the unparalleled beauty of Summit Rock, the highest natural elevation in Central Park, as it sets the stage for your extraordinary wedding ceremony. Perched at Central Park West, Summit Rock offers an enchanting vantage point where you can behold the city below, with glimpses of New Jersey gracing the rock's western flank. Let us illuminate why Summit Rock is ideal for your momentous occasion.

Elevated Serenity: Summit Rock stands as the crowning jewel of Central Park, inviting you to ascend to new heights on your special day. This elevated sanctuary embraces you with an unrivaled sense of serenity, enveloping your ceremony in the natural beauty and tranquility that Central Park is renowned for.

Cityscape Panorama: As you exchange vows amidst the grandeur of Summit Rock, you'll be captivated by the breathtaking panorama that unfolds before you. Gaze upon the bustling cityscape below and on the rock's western horizon, catch a glimpse of the picturesque New Jersey skyline. This backdrop, a marriage of nature's grandeur and metropolitan allure, provides a magnificent setting for your wedding.

Nature's Splendor, Elevated: Summit Rock represents an oasis of tranquility elevated above the vibrant city. With nature's splendor as your witness, you'll create cherished memories against a backdrop of Central Park's highest natural peak. Your wedding day at Summit Rock promises to be an unforgettable journey where the city's energy harmoniously coexists with the peaceful ambiance of nature. This is a venue where your love story unfolds against the captivating tapestry of Central Park, ensuring your celebration is both timeless and extraordinary.

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