Happenings™ Celebrates You!

Happenings™ is a first-of-its-kind brand that empowers couples to book uniquely tailored events at the most exquisite locations. Our goal is to simplify the planning process, helping you create the perfect event from inception to execution. 

Our revolutionary booking system makes the entire process as simple as booking a flight online by giving you the building blocks you need to create a truly memorable celebration. Simply enter the date(s), time, and location of your event and then choose from the pre-selected packages or create your own. Every Happenings™ event is assigned to our team of managers to ensure everything goes smoothly. Additionally, you’ll get full control over your event with 24/7 access to your event portfolio where you can review and edit details for your Happening. This can all be done with a few taps of your fingers on your mobile device at your convenience rather than depending on when you can reach your event planner. 

"The most valuable and important thing we can deliver is an unforgettable memory."

Our Story

After spending more than two decades in the event industry creating some of the most illustrious Happenings of our time, world-class event designer, Tom Noel, wanted to provide his skills to a broader public. Based in Manhattan, Tom Noel would often take a walk through Central Park. In 2008, during one of these walks, he stopped to sit at one of his favorite spots in the Park, the Bethesda Fountain. It was here that he realized that the intrinsic beauty that surrounds us was not being harnessed fully. He also realized that there was not a single business that provided the exclusiveness of a top event design house while scaling the planning and production process to meet the pricing needs of the average consumer. Determined to change this, Happenings™ was born.  

With years of research and outstanding results, Tom Noel’s innovative system and new business model are reshaping the event design industry. Happenings™ eliminates the chaos of the traditional event planning process and puts you in charge. You are given insider access to the planning process, helping you create a truly stunning event that is affordable. We aim to prove that precious, unforgettable moments should not and will not be restricted by means but enhanced through creativity. However, we know how hectic things get on the day of an event. Therefore, we ensure that every Happening has an in-person location manager on the day to help everything along. 

The first product we are launching is ParkWed. This service will help couples plan their wedding ceremony in iconic locations such as Central Park’s Bethesda Fountain. These beautiful park locations provide stunning backdrops for wedding ceremonies, giving couples (and their guests) memories for a lifetime. 


Our Founder

Tom Noel has been immersed in the design industry since childhood. His career began working alongside Robert Isabel, the world leading event designer of that time. After several years, he was offered a partnership at the renowned Philip Baloun Studio Designs. Following this experience, Tom Noel launched his solo career with the Cannes Film Festival. Since then he has created an impressive portfolio of prestige, elegance, and variety. 

Through his experience, Tom has transformed venues and placed himself at the forefront of the event world. His work has been sought after by world leaders, heads of industry, and top celebrities, from the Palace of Versailles to the Forbidden City. Presently, Tom Noel is projecting his love for design and his creativeness through this innovative endeavor that broadcasts the benefits of design to the lives of others.