Wedding Ceremony FAQS


What do we do if there is bad weather on the day of our ceremony?

We recommend that every couple develop a weather contingency plan. The contingency plan can either be an indoor location of your choice and is typically your hotel venue, a chapel, or even a museum. There are many options that we can work with you on to develop a plan. It is also important to know that almost all musicians would be unable to play their instruments in any kind of inclement weather making a weather contingency plan even more important to your wedding planning.


Does my package include a reception?

The wedding packages do not include a reception


How do I arrive at my location in the park?

Transportation by vehicle is not permitted within the park. We will provide you with a map of the cross streets near the entrance closest to your ceremony location, which will be your meeting location. We will also provide staff to help direct your guests to the location of your ceremony.


Do I have a rehearsal for my ceremony?

You can! All packages include a walkthrough. Many of our customers choose to do their walkthrough a day or two before their ceremony and perform a rehearsal. Should you desire to do a walkthrough separate from a rehearsal you can do this too for an additional fee. Walk-throughs can be scheduled during our business hours Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm.


What are the different packages options for my ceremony?

Happenings™ offers 3 different all-inclusive package options for you to choose from: Intimate, Celebrate, Elegance, and Create Your Own. You can choose whichever best suits your needs for your special day!


Can I customize my package?

Any package can be customized for your ceremony based on your needs. It is best to choose the package that most closely reflects what you would like to have included in your ceremony. Once you've booked your event and are a Happenings client, from within your client account you are able to upgrade, swap, remove, or add additional services anytime up to 8 weeks prior to your event date.


How do I pay for my Ceremony?

All payments are made safely and securely through the Happenings™ website.


How do I choose my vendors?

As a Happenings™ client, you are provided with a client account area.  Through our client account system you are able to choose a variety of options that best suits your vendor needs. Our marketplace will pair you with the best possible match.

Officiant: Whether of religious affiliation, non-denominational, or non-religious, we can provide you with an officiant that best reflects the expression of your love and commitment in your ceremony.

Photography / Videography: Capturing your wedding ceremony provides you with memories that you can cherish forever. What better way to remember your special ceremony in Central Park than with the help of one of our great photographers and videographers?

Flowers: Choosing your floral arrangements can be very personal and specific. We can work with you to create in-season floral arrangements of your choice.

Musicians: Music can provide the perfect backdrop and mood to any ceremony. Although there is no amplified sound allowed in Central Park, the acoustic musician options are endless. From violin to acoustic guitar and so on, we can put together the songs and sounds that you so desire. You have the option of a single acoustic musician, a duet, or even a quartet!


Do I have a wedding planner?

Yes! Not only do you have a wedding planner, but also an entire wedding management team.  Our wedding team (Planner, Coordinator, Production Manager, and On-Site Manager)  will assist you through the whole process of planning and producing your ceremony.


When do I get to meet with my wedding team?

Your team is accessible to you the moment you begin the planning process.  Your Location Manager is your in-person manager who is available for walkthrough, rehearsal, and the day of.


Do I need a marriage license?

In order to have an official ceremony in New York State, you will need to acquire a New York State marriage license.


How do I obtain a New York State marriage license?

To obtain a New York State marriage license visit


When will I receive my official marriage license?

Our officiants are licensed to sign and will send in your completed documents.  Processing times vary from two weeks to two months.


Can I have chairs at my ceremony?

According to the Parks Department rules, chairs are not allowed to be used in Central Park. Exceptions can be made for elderly guests and musicians.


Can I have a tent at my ceremony?

According to the Parks Department rules, tents are not allowed to be used in Central Park.


Can I have decorations at my ceremony?

According to the Parks Department rules, decorations are not allowed in Central Park. This includes runners, lying of flower petals, confetti, seeds, etc.



Park Permits FAQs


How do I obtain a permit?

All of our packages are inclusive of permits. We expedite the complete permit process for you.


Is my location blocked from the public?

Although we do acquire a permit for your selected location, we do not have the right to block off the area from the public. Central Park is a public venue and must remain open to everyone. Having the permit allows us to perform your ceremony in your selected location


Do I need a permit for photography?

The only location in Central Park that requires a special photography permit is the Conservatory Gardens. We expedite the complete permit process for you.