10 Wedding Gifts for the Father of the Groom

It’s not uncommon to give your future father-in-law a gift on the wedding day. It can be as simple as a thoughtful card that says thank you dad for being a part of the wedding ceremony. Some couples choose to go for more expensive gifts such as a cigar set or a fancy watch. In all honesty, it's the thought that counts. To help you find the perfect gift for your father or father-in-law, we've created a list of popular gift ideas in different price ranges. Take a look at our top 10 wedding gift picks for the groom’s father.

# 1. A Handkerchief 

Handkerchiefs are quite popular gifts for the father of the groom. Make it a more sentimental gift by wrapping it up with a thoughtful message expressing gratitude towards him for setting a good example for the groom. Check out Linen Whites to find a customized handkerchief that your dad or father-in-law will absolutely love.

# 2. A Fancy Wrist or Pocket Watch 

Watches are another great gift idea for the groom’s father. More so if you need to give him something to wear on the wedding day. When it comes to watches, you have a few options to choose from. You can go for an elegant wristwatch or a customized pocket watch. Make the gift more special by having it personalized with your dad or father-in-law’s name on it.

# 3. A Set of Personalized Whiskey Glasses 

If your dad likes to sip on iced whiskey or rum and coke, a gift that he is bound to love is a set of whiskey glasses. For a small fee, you can have "father of the groom" engraved on them.

# 4. Father of the Groom Personalized Tumbler

Your father may not believe that he is the best, but you can definitely show him that you think he’s the best dad ever by ordering a personalized tumbler with his name on it and a special message such as “father of the groom” or  “the best dad ever.” The good thing about tumblers is that they can be used daily and will last for a long time.

# 5. Outdoor Barbecue Utensil Gift Set 

Is your dad a fan of game day and weekend barbecues? Does he spend a lot of time cooking out on the grill? If so, there is no better gift than an outdoor barbecue utensil set. You can go the extra mile to make the gift more special. Find one that is made of wood and have it customized with dad’s name on it.

# 6. Seasoning Set

Mealtime is significant for a lot of families. Does your dad like to cook? A seasoning set will absolutely make him a happy camper in the kitchen! Seasoning sets are easy to find wedding presents that any father will appreciate. Also, with a variety of flavors to choose from,  there's something to satisfy everybody. 

# 8. Personalized Bathrobe 

Indeed, even fathers of the groom need to enjoy relaxation from time to time—particularly following the  wedding. Help a guy out by gifting him a luxurious bathrobe to relax after participating in the big day. You can even have the robe customized with initials on the front and “father of the groom” written on the back. 

# 9. Cigar Set with a Customized Case 

Another outstanding wedding gift for the father-in-lawis a cigar set. Some traditions include the men getting together after the ceremony to smoke a cigar. If your father is a cigar fan, a cigar set is a perfect gift. You can even order the cigars with a personalized case that he can reuse in the future. 

# 10. Father and Son Hunting Trip

Going on a father and son trip is another great idea for the father of the groom. This will helpyou ease the pre-wedding jitters or cold feet before the wedding. You can also spend time bonding and relaxing together while taking a trip down memory lane.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you found the perfect gift for your father or father-in-law. Keep in mind that whether you choose a customized gift or something that reflects his personality, he will appreciate the thought that you put into getting him a gift. 

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