Does Size Matter? The Engagement Ring Purchasing Guide

Does Size Matter? The Engagement Ring Purchasing Guide

You’ve finally made the conscious decision to propose to your partner. The only thing that’s missing is the perfect engagement ring to make it happen. From the time of proposal up to the big day, wedding planning can become a full-time job. You deserve the most iconic wedding proposal and shouldn’t let the inundation of details get in the way of the proposal of your dreams. First, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about size. In this article, we’re going to talk about finding the most breathtaking beautiful engagement ring that your partner will cherish forever.

The Average Diamond Size for an Engagement Ring 

The average diamond size for an engagement ring in the United States is 1.00 carat. However, there are many factors that should influence your decision when it comes to choosing the diamond size for your engagement ring. Here’s our list of tips that will help you buy a breathtakingly beautiful engagement ring that your partner will love; so that you can begin planning the most iconic, memorable day of your life:

Tip # 1 Set Your Budget and Stick to it

There is a lot of misinformation when it comes to engagement ring shopping tips. Some people believe that you should spend two or three months of your salary on an engagement ring or that there are good and bad engagement rings. Adhering to specific rules can put you in a bind and possibly create tension between you and your partner. Get rid of the rules and don’t purchase an engagement ring that you aren’t able to afford. Before making any purchases, take a look at your current financial situation and be realistic about what you can spend comfortably. Then set a budget and stick to it! This will allow you to focus on what matters, you marrying the love of your life! 

Tip # 2 Understand The Four Cs of a Diamond 

Understanding the four C’s of a Diamond (Cut, Carat, Color, and Clarity) will help you make an informed decision on choosing the perfect diamond. Take a look at the information below on each of the four C’s. 

  1. The Diamond’s Cut: The diamond cut is probably the most important of the four Cs because it directly impacts the beauty of the diamond. The cut refers to the diamond’s quality of its symmetrical facets, angles, scintillation, brilliance,  proportions, fire, and finishing details. Choose a cut that ensures the diamond’s ability to shine. If you need help selecting a diamond with a specific cut, reach out to the experts before making any purchases. 
  2. The Diamond’s Carat: We talked about the average carat for an engagement ring in the United States. And as we discussed, other factors should be taken into consideration. A diamond’s shine is what matters the most. For this reason, it’s important to focus less on the diamond’s carat and bring your attention to other qualities, such as the diamond’s cut. After you’ve chosen a diamond grade for the other three Cs, you can choose the carat that’s in your budget. 
  3. The Diamond’s Color: Choose a diamond that is in the colorless range in its setting. For example, to the naked eye, a diamond on the G-I range will appear just as colorless as a diamond in the D-F range, only you’ll be paying a much affordable price. If you are searching for colored diamonds, expect to pay more depending on the color you choose. For example, the red diamond which is a rare color, can cost over $500,000. Find out more about colored diamonds by visiting The International Gem Society.
  4. The Diamond’s Clarity: Choosing a VS1 or VS2 diamond offers the best clarity for an affordable price. Diamonds of these grades are nearly flawless and have minimal inclusions and blemishes.

Tip # 3 Considering Your Partner’s Style

  • Does your partner wear silver or gold?
  • Do they wear vintage clothing? Are they flashy? 
  • What kind of jewelry do they already have?
  • Do they like big shimmering things? 
  • Do they wear more conservative jewelry? 

If you are unsure about your partner’s style, reach out to family and friends for help. There is a possibility that your partner has shared their style with them. It might be helpful to make it a date to go ring shopping with those closest to you and your partner. Not only will this help choose the best engagement ring, but it will give you time to bond with your future in-laws.

Tip # 4 Consider your Partner’s Ring Size

Ok, so the reality is that some of us have larger hands than others. It is what it is! If your partner has big fingers, you will have to buy a ring that compliments them. Likewise, if your partner has tiny fingers, try to walk away from the oversized rings. There are a few ways to get the correct ring size for your partner. You can measure another ring that they have or ask a friend with hands similar to your partner’s size.  Picking the correct ring size will assist with keeping the energy moving throughout the wedding proposal.

Choosing the wrong size means that you will likely have to send the ring in for resizing after you’ve proposed, which can take weeks and may cause you and your partner to question if the engagement ring is the ring for them. 

Tip # 5 Choosing the Diamond’s Shape

When designing a ring, there are many options to choose from such as round, princess, oval, pear, and heart-shaped diamonds. The ring shape you choose will help you decide on the setting style. It's important to make sure the diamond is secure in the setting to avoid chipping or loosening. 

Tip # 6 Don’t Be Afraid to Show your Uniqueness by Adding Value to Your Engagement Ring

Are you thinking of proposing with an engagement ring that has been passed down from your great-grandmother? Choosing an engagement ring that has sentimental value will add more meaning to your wedding proposal. The good news is that rings can be resized, the diamond can be reset, and you’ve got a brand new engagement ring. 

Another way to add sentimental value to an engagement ring is by choosing a stone to match your partner's birthstone. 

Are you looking for eco-friendly options? Create the perfect engagement ring with a recycled diamond or custom setting. Custom settings are offered by many jewelers; and recycled diamonds are eco-friendly diamonds that have been previously owned and placed back on the market.  

Tip # 7 Choosing the Best Type of Ring Metal

There are four options to choose from when it comes to an engagement ring setting metal: 

  • yellow gold
  • white gold
  • rose gold
  • and platinum 

14K gold is the most popular metal for engagement rings because it’s more affordable than 18K gold. However, it's equally as beautiful, and the durability is better than 18k. Ultimately, you know your partner more than anyone, so choose the ring metal based on their personal likings. 

Tip # 8 Choosing the Engagement Ring Setting

You can find a ring setting that matches all personalities and lifestyles. Since an engagement ring is generally worn regularly, keep this in mind when choosing the setting. 

Tip # 9 Choosing an Online Vendor or Local Jewelry Store

Online vendors are able to offer you affordable prices on a variety of diamond selections. In fact, online vendors may offer the same selection as your local jewelry, only at a fraction of the cost. If you are thinking about buying a diamond from your local jewelry dealer, check out the online reviews and ratings before making a purchase. If you’re hesitant about purchasing an engagement ring online, keep in mind that some vendors have return policies and allow you to view the diamond before purchasing it. It’s important to buy a ring from a reputable and trustworthy vendor.

Tip # 10 Compare Options Before Making a Purchase and Get The Stone Certified


It’s ideal to begin shopping for engagement rings at least two months before your anticipated proposal date. This will give you time to compare vendors and prices. You should always choose a vendor that can give you a lab certification on any diamond that you purchase. A certification verifies that the diamond you’re buying has the characteristics such as cut, quality, color, clarity, and carat as advertised by the vendor. Avoid diamonds with unreliable certificates, as well as diamonds that are sold without any type of certification. You can learn more about diamond certifications by visiting The Diamond Pro.


Purchasing an engagement ring for your upcoming proposal is one of the most memorable days of your life. It shouldn't be stressful. Follow the tips above and soon you’ll be stepping into your moment, in iconic Central Park.

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