Keeping the Love Alive; Simple Ways to Spoil Your Partner

Showing love and affection towards your partner is priceless. You can do something as simple as giving them an unannounced kiss on the cheek, a nice back rub after work, or a weekend trip to Las Vegas. Everyone wants to give love and receive it too. However, Life can get in the way sometimes and we forget to show our partners how much we truly love and care for them. Here are a few simple ways that you can spoil your partner and create a stronger bond with each other: 

Shower them with Gifts

- Surprise your partner with a new pair of shoes, perfume/cologne, jewelry, a designer handbag, a new watch, wallet, hat, or maybe even a toolset. You know their taste so you should have an idea of what they would like.

- Catch your partner off guard by sending them a dozen roses, or a dozen chocolate-covered strawberries. 

- For the partners that love to shop, plan for a little surprise shopping spree for them. 

Express your Love and Affection

- Write a sweet note and tell your partner how much you love them. Include other things like telling them how good they look. Get a little more personal and put in a few seductive words. Put it on their windshield or leave it inside their car. 

- Give them compliments on things such as their appearance, maybe they got a new haircut or hair color. Compliment their work ethics, parenting, or others things that they do well.

- Put your phones down for a date. The average American spends more than half of the day with a cell phone in hand. Make it a habit to go out on dates regularly and leave your phones in the car.

- Don’t be afraid to let your partner see your emotions.

- Ask them how their day was.

- Play a romantic song and dedicate it to them. 

Spend Quality Time Together

-  Do something adventurous. Is there anything that you can do together to bring back memories of when you first started dating? Or what about something that you’ve both always wanted to do? Skydiving? Jumping off of a cliff? Ok, maybe you aren’t that adventurous, but you get the point. You can do something as simple as book a hotel room for the weekend or travel somewhere exotic.

- Surprise your partner by cooking their favorite dish, and then you can enjoy an old romantic classic such as Titanic together. If you don’t know how to cook, head to the movie theater instead for dinner and a movie. We don’t want you to burn down the kitchen. 

- Play board games. Playing board games together is not only fun but also gives you quality time with your partner. Let your inner child come out because Monopoly is still booming! 

- If you are looking for a simple and affordable way to spend quality time with your partner, then head over to your local museum or zoo. 

- Take lots of pictures. Taking pictures together is a great way to capture some of the most memorable iconic moments of your life. Just snap a few random photos of you and your partner being silly together and have them printed for keepsakes.

When you are busy with work, school, or other responsibilities, it’s easy to lose touch with your partner and feel a little disconnected. Make sure that you find time to talk, to connect with each other, and every once in a while, to do special things to express your love for each other. 

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