Relationship Tips

We live in unprecedented times, not just in terms of living but also in relationships. It doesn't matter how long you've been together, you probably never expected or prepared to be around each other all the time. Especially, with limited access to your lifestyle before the pandemic. 

Since last year's Covid-19 Pandemic, It is more common for couples to work together at home than it has been in the past, which can cause negative feelings towards each other. In a perfect world, we would all have a list of supportive people that we can count on when something is going on in our lives. Since last year's lockdown, many of us have had to rely only on one person, our partner, which can be tiring on both sides. 

Although it might be difficult, if you are struggling with your relationship post-Covid, here are some relationship tips to help you and your partner finish off 2021 strong, and build a more intimate relationship. 

Be alright with spending time apart

It's normal for two people to have a hard time adjusting to being together all the time, even if it's just for a short period of time. As a couple, you need to be mindful of how your lives have changed since the Covid-19 pandemic and how important it is for each of you to still do things individually. Take a walk alone, hit the gym, or enjoy some sort of extra-curricular activity. 

Stay in touch with people you care about

Even though you might not be able to hang out in person, you can still connect with a close friend or family member on the phone. With readily available COVID vaccines, masks, and businesses taking extra precautions to prevent further COVID- 19 outbreaks, you may be ready to consider meeting up with your loved ones for lunch or dinner. Whichever you decide, try to talk on the phone to at least one person other than your partner no less than two times per week. 

Don't ever stop enjoying your life 

For over a year, the Pandemic has caused life to be challenging. However, it has also allowed couples to get to know more about each other and work on building a stronger relationships. Yes, things are more limited but you and your partner can get creative and have fun together.

Find a way to find happiness

You can't be happy if you don't believe happiness is possible, regardless of what happens in your life. You can find joy in the simple act of soaking up the sun, capturing your child's smile, or spending time with your partner. The only thing that you need is to believe that happiness is possible. 

Affirmations to read daily:  

  • I can create happiness in my life by believing that happiness is possible. 

  • I believe that I can be happy. 

  • My emotions will eventually turn into positive and happy feelings. 

  • The real feeling of pure happiness and content will come. 

Remember to be kind and show gratitude.

Spending more time with your partner can cause you to lose sight of even the most simple things that you do for each other. Eventually what can happen is one of you might feel unappreciated or unloved by your partner. Be nice to your partner and try to express gratitude towards them. Gratitude encourages people to refocus their attention on what they have, rather than what they don't have. 

  • Write a thank-you note or letter to express your appreciation for your partner's contribution to your life. 
  • Don't forget to write a gratitude letter to yourself every once in a while.
  • Keep a gratitude journal. Write down your thoughts and share them with someone you care about.
  • Write about 3-5 things that you are grateful for every week. 
  • Write about specific feelings you felt when something positive happens in your life.
  • Use meditation and prayer to cultivate gratitude.
  • Mindfulness meditation is a great way to focus on the present moment and not judge. 

Don't be afraid to seek professional help if you need it.

  • Relationships aren’t easy. If you feel trapped in your relationship, couples counseling might be a good idea. Keep in mind that if you're in an abusive relationship, couples counseling is not recommended, seek confidential support.
  •  If you aren't happy with yourself, more than likely you aren't happy in your relationship. If this is the case, it may be time to seek professional help. 

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