The Most Iconic Dream Wedding Theme Ideas for All Styles

The Most Iconic Wedding Theme Ideas for All Styles

A simpler, easier way to plan a beautiful, iconic wedding in Central Park.

You’ve been dreaming of this moment for a long time, maybe even your whole life. A dream wedding ceremony in Central Park, across from the person you love, celebrating the love you share. That dream though is slowly falling away under the mountain of seemingly endless details it takes to plan a wedding ceremony. This can leave you stressed, and frustrated by a process that’s consuming a lot of your time; and yet, you are still unsure of many details including the wedding theme that best suits you and your future spouse.

What if you could plan your dream wedding ceremony, with the support of an amazing wedding planning team without putting your whole life on hold? Step into your moment, in iconic Central Park with a wedding theme that is personalized to fit you and your partner’s personality. In this article, we’re going to talk about the most iconic wedding theme ideas for all styles.

What Couples Should Know About Wedding Themes

A wedding theme is the foundation of your wedding from the moment you begin the wedding planning process till the day you say “I do.” Deciding on your wedding theme will help you create the most iconic wedding invitations and wedding decor with colors that naturally flow throughout the pre-wedding, wedding, and post-wedding events. If you don’t choose a wedding theme for your iconic Central Park dream ceremony, you risk having your big day filled with a mix-matching catastrophe. 

Things To Consider When Choosing a Theme For Your Iconic Dream Wedding

  • Your guests should be able to identify your wedding theme without putting much thought into it.
  • Your wedding theme should stand out. 
  • Your wedding theme should be personal. For example, your guests should be able to connect you with the wedding theme.

Our Top Choices for Iconic Wedding Theme Ideas

Iconic Fairy-Tale Wedding Theme

Go for a whimsical feel and channel your inner royalty! Fairy Tale themes are a great idea if you’re into elements that compliment your Cinderella Happenings™ Ever After story. At Happenings™, we believe that your journey to marriage deserves an enchanted ending. That means iconic gowns, breathtakingly beautiful colors; and a good reason to arrive in a carriage on your wedding day! 

Alternative Wedding Theme

Are you a creative person? Are you someone who never gave in to traditional constructs? If so, this theme is made for you! An alternative wedding is a blend of your common wedding themes. In fact, you can create your iconic wedding any way that you choose. Change the scope of what an average wedding looks like. If you want your wedding to express creativity with cool colors and unorthodox decor rather than the typical wedding decor that most weddings have, then this theme is made for you. 

Natural/Eco-Friendly/Bohemian Wedding Theme

Bohemian weddings are one of the most popular themes that couples choose. Bohemian incorporates a soft romantic aesthetic that channels mother nature with an enchanted feel. This theme has your name written all over it if you want to approach your beautiful wedding eco-friendly, and carefree. Considering that your wedding location is in Central Park, the Bohemian theme fits quite nicely at any location in the area. 

Rustic Wedding Theme

A rustic wedding theme is quite similar to Bohemian. The only difference is that the dress code is a little more casual, and the wedding decor is often handmade. The theme embodies simplicity yet intimate elements. Planning for a rustic wedding can bring you closer to your loved ones since a lot of its decor can be made with a DIY approach. Rustic fits beautifully with a Central Park wedding and it’s one of the easiest themes if you want to match your environment. 

Garden Party Wedding Theme

Are you looking for something more casual and intimate? Choosing a Garden Party theme may be the choice for you. A Garden Party works well if you’re considering a spring or summer wedding. The garden wedding theme expresses a more natural feel and thrives with a botanical scenery. 

Winter Wedding Theme

We help you plan, navigate and manage all the details it takes to create a breathtakingly beautiful winter wedding ceremony in Central Park. Step into your moment surrounded by powdered white snow, icy lakes, and snow-topped trees. Enjoy the wonderful winter wonderland scenery with your dream partner, in your dream location, having your dream wedding.

What is your Favorite Dream Wedding Theme?

Creating a theme for your dream wedding can help you develop a clear path during the planning process. There are many wedding themes to choose from, all it takes is a little bit of imagination to plan your dream ceremony. This is your iconic wedding which means you can create any style you want for the most memorable day of your life. 

Additional Wedding Themes

Pinterest is a great resource to use for inspiration and ideas to help you find the most iconic wedding theme for your style. Also, check out a few more wedding themes that we’ve listed below:

  • Formal Wedding Theme
  • Romantic Wedding Theme
  • Vintage Wedding Theme
  • Simple Wedding Theme
  • Casual Wedding Theme

About Happenings™ 

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A lot of people give up on their dreams of an iconic wedding ceremony because it feels too overwhelming to plan. At Happenings™ we’ll help you create one of the most memorable events of a lifetime through thoughtfully organized wedding planning tailored to iconic locations throughout Central Park. Step into your moment with those you love. 


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