Wedding Guest Attire: The Wedding Guest Dress Code

Wedding dress codes are a hot topic these days and for good reason. They are one of the most important parts of your wedding planning process, especially if you’re getting married in a destination where the dress code is different than at home. Really, what’s scarier than having your guests show up to your Central Park wedding ceremony in beach shorts and a t-shirt? (have a good chuckle picturing that one). Seriously though, after you’ve spent months planning the most iconic breathtakingly beautiful Central Park wedding of your dreams, you certainly want to make sure that you and your guests are dressed accordingly. If you’re unsure about the wedding dress code, there’s a lot that you need to know! 

What Is A Wedding Dress Code?

A wedding dress code is a set of “rules” that dictate what type of attire is acceptable for guests to wear on your special day. It may include things like colors, styles or even specific clothing brands. Some couples choose to have a formal dress code while others opt for more casual attire. The choice is entirely up to the couple; and depends on many factors including the location of the wedding, the couple’s budget, and personal preference. 

What are the Different Types of Wedding Attire?

If you’ve ever been to a wedding, you know that there are many different types of wedding guest dress codes. We’re breaking down those dress codes to help you decide which is right for you and your guests for your New York wedding ceremony.

White Tie Attire Dress Code

A White tie attire is the most formal and rare dress code for weddings. For women, wearing an elegant floor-length evening dress is always appropriate. Wear accessories such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings to pair with your outfit. Men must always be dressed in a formal tuxedo when attending a white-tie wedding ceremony.

Black Tie/Formal Attire Dress Code 

This is the second most common type of wedding dress code. Guests will typically be required to wear black or white gowns with long sleeves and a high neckline. Sometimes there will be a color restriction as well. For example, you could require all bridesmaids to wear pink dresses.

Black Tie Optional Attire Dress Code

Confusing huh? Black tie optional attire is similar to that of black tie. However, it’s optional, which means you can be a rebel and not wear a black tuxedo. Instead, men can wear a dark suit, and women can wear cocktail dresses. 

Semi-Formal Wedding Attire Dress Code

A semi-formal wedding is more relaxed than a black-tie affair, but it is still considered a very nice occasion with elements of both a black-tie wedding and a casual wedding. This type of wedding dress code for a Central Park wedding ceremony allows guests to wear semi-formal attire such as cocktail dresses with short hemlines and a pair of heels or flats. Accessories can include simple jewelry and a small handbag. If you choose this type of wedding attire for your guests, make sure all of your guests are on the same page.

Casual Attire Wedding Dress Code 

This dress code allows guests to come dressed however they want. There are no restrictions on style or color so it’s completely up to you. However, you should still stick to basic wedding etiquette such as not showing too much skin and keeping heels below 3 inches. The bride will usually choose a non-traditional wedding dress and the groom may choose to wear jeans and a button-down shirt. Guests may opt to wear business casual attire, including slacks, polos, sweaters, shorts, skirts, dresses, and blouses. No accessories are necessary with casual attire unless you want to include them. 

Themed Attire Dress Code

Some couples choose a themed wedding that calls for all guests to wear the same color or design of the couple’s theme. For example, the couple might decide on a formal, all-white dress code. 

Festive Attire Dress Code

The festive dress code is a combination of casual and fun cocktail party-type attire. This dress code is great around the wintertime and other holidays such as Christmas and New Year. 

Come As you are Attire - No Dress Code At All 

In this case, you don’t specify any dress code requirements at all. Basically, the guests can come dressed however they please. You may want to remind them to just follow basic wedding etiquette such as dressing appropriately for the weather and being mindful of other guests. 

How To Choose a Wedding Dress Code for Your Central Park Wedding Ceremony

Choosing a wedding dress code isn’t always easy, especially if you’re trying to impress your loved ones. However, it really comes down to how you feel about your wedding, how formal you want it to be, and what kind of vibe you want to create. Do you want to keep it simple or do you want something elaborate? Do you prefer a traditional look or would you rather go for something fun and flirty? Whether you are the couple getting married or a guest attending the wedding. Be sure that everyone knows what the attire is. The most valuable and important thing that can be delivered is an unforgettable memory.

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