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Conservatory Gardens Italian Garden

Central Park, New York

Capacity: Up to 100

About the venue

The Italianate Garden is an excellent choice for a classic garden ceremony, with its large lawn, yew hedges, allées, fountain, and wisteria pergola. The grand space offers celebrants several options for their ceremony, from next to the fountain to the many walkways throughout the lawn. However, our most sought-after ceremony location is within the pergola itself.

In this desired ceremony location, celebrants stand within the raised pergola with their guests around them in a U-shape. The pergola itself is covered in mature wisteria, which blooms in the summer and fall. Standing within the pergola, the ceremony's backdrop is the Italian Garden’s majestic fountain, sweeping lawn, and ornate Vanderbilt gate.

The garden has all of the hallmark features of a classic Italian garden. Yew hedges surround the garden with two exquisite allées of spring-blooming pink and white crabapple trees bordering each side. At the western end of the lawn is the simple 12-foot high jet fountain, backed by tiered hedges and stairs leading to the wisteria pergola.

The Italianate Center Garden is part of the six-acre Conservatory Gardens. These quiet gardens are some of the most breathtaking in the park. The Central Park Conservatory is responsible for overseeing and maintaining this jewel and the rest of the park. The Conservatory Gardens is split into three smaller gardens, each with its own style: the northern French Garden, the Italianate Center Garden, and the southern English Garden. Park guests directly enter the Italianate Center Garden through the grand entrance created by the Vanderbilt gate.

Situated on the Northeastern end of Central Park, the Conservatory Garden’s Italianate Center Garden sees much less foot traffic than other popular attractions in the center of the park. Celebrants have found that garden visitors are respectful in giving them space to enjoy and celebrate their special moment. The back wall of the wisteria pergola offers bench seating, so there is plenty of seating for those guests that require it during the ceremony. The mature wisteria also offers some coverage during light rain during the summer and fall seasons. Additionally, the Conservatory Garden is wheelchair accessible and offers easy access to restrooms for celebrants and guests.

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Additional Permit Fees for Conservatory Gardens
Ceremonies and photography sessions at Conservatory Garden require permits from the Conservancy. Permit fees directly support the maintenance and cultivation of Conservatory Garden. The $500 permit fee is included in your package price and we take care of the management of your permit.


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