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Ladies Pavilion

Central Park, New York

Capacity: Up to 25

About the venue

The antique, Victorian-styled Ladies Pavilion provides a stunning backdrop for your intimate Central Park wedding ceremony. Nestled amidst the trees next to The Lake at Hernshead, the pavilion is one of the most sought-after ceremony locations in the park.

Located off the main path, Ladies Pavilion is one of the park’s incredibly intimate ceremony sites. The pavilion's open design allows celebrants to stand in the pavilion with guests alongside the pavilion railing. Alternatively, celebrants and all guests may stand within the 9 by 15-foot pavilion.

Ladies Pavilion is a charming example of 19th Century American decorative arts. The main structure of the pavilion boasts a beautiful Victorian design crafted in cast iron painted light gray with gold-leaf accents. The pavilion is topped with a gray slate roof and a crown of more intricate ironwork. Meanwhile, the pavilion's floor is stone, helping keep the space cool in the summers.

Positioned next to the lake, the Ladies Pavilion provides grand water views with the New York City skyline in the background. You can also get post-ceremony photos on the neighboring granite rock, a popular spot for photoshoots in the park. The pavilion is also surrounded by flowering trees, shrubs, herbs, and aquatic flora, with blooms continuously changing with the seasons.

The Ladies Pavilion is located on the park's West Side, between the 72nd Street and 77th Street entrances. Entering the park through the West 77th Street entrance, the pavilion is a short block’s walk. While the site is wheelchair accessible, there is a moderate-to-steep slope to access the pavilion. The nearest available restrooms require a walk to Delacorte Theater or Mineral Springs.

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