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Wagner Cove

Central Park, New York

Capacity: Up to 25

About the venue

Perhaps the most romantic spot in all of Central Park, Wagner Cove is perfect for a very small, intimate ceremony. Sitting at the water’s edge, the small rustic shelter is surrounded by trees, flowers, and slate rocks. Wagner Cove is a secluded area off the main path, with a beautiful stairway down to the cove.

Celebrants often stand within or in front of the wooden structure with their officiant and their guests in the adjacent small space. Once used as a dock for rowboats, the structure overhangs the water, giving a dazzling view of the lake that reflects the surrounding foliage. The L-shape path and staircase down to the cove provide a natural grand entrance for celebrants if they choose.

In the summer, Wagner Cove is often cooler than other parts of the park due to the large trees surrounding it. These same trees provide a splash of color in the fall, creating a truly romantic setting for your ceremony.

Wagner Cove is nestled between Strawberry Fields and Cherry Hill. The cove is easily accessible using the park’s West 72nd Street Entrance. Despite being steps away from iconic locations like Cherry Hill and Bethesda Terrace and Fountain, Cherry Hill is very private and has minimal foot traffic as it is only accessible by one small path and by rowboat.

Guests and celebrants will walk down the staircase to the cove for the ceremony. Seating and coverage in the case of inclement weather are limited to the two small benches within the wooden structure. Restrooms can be found nearby at both Bethesda Terrace and Fountain and at Mineral Springs.

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