Come One, Call All

Stunning weddings should be accessible to every couple. However, the event planning process's complexity makes living by the expression "Come one, Call All" challenging. Throughout his career, Tom Noel, Happenings™ founder, has been working to create a more efficient and effective process for consumers.

The existing system is chaotic. While there are many talents and resources available that can give consumers an unforgettable experience, consumers often have limited access to finding and connecting with them. Likewise, the current system requires talents and providers to spend time and resources to find customers and manage these relationships. Happenings™ aims to approach both of these issues in an organized and informative way.

In the beginning, the idea and concept behind Happenings™ were so disruptive that it was viewed as a threat. Luckily, in the short time since its inception, there has been a significant shift in the overall perception of technical integration and automation. In fact, without successful trailblazers like Uber and Airbnb, the opportunity that Happenings can give to consumers could have easily been cast aside.

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