Host The Most Iconic, Memorable Bridal Shower of All Time

Host The Most Iconic, Memorable Bridal Shower of All Time

We understand the incredible stress that happens when you’re dealing with the complexity of planning a Central Park wedding. Aside from the wedding ceremony, there are tons of other things that you have to get done such as finding the perfect gown, the tuxedo rental, creating guest lists, hotel accommodations for out-of-town guests, choosing your reception hall, cake tasting, and the list only goes on. Luckily, you have an amazing support system (like your bridesmaids) to help cross out some things from the to-do list. As you’re checking off tasks, it may be the perfect time to find out who will be hosting the bridal shower. 

There may be volunteers for your shower and we want to keep things easy for you. In this article, we're going to discuss everything that you and your bridesmaids need to know to host the most memorable bridal shower of all time. Enjoy your pre-wedding events and memorable moments with your loved ones. In the meantime, we’ll help you plan, navigate and manage all the details it takes to create the ceremony of your dreams.

What is a Bridal Shower?

The traditional bridal shower is a celebration for the bride to be before her wedding day, and it’s also an opportunity for the guests to shower the bride with gifts. While there are no “rules” for a bridal shower, traditionally, they are women-only celebrations that take place during the daytime; followed by the bachelorette party. Regardless of whether or not you choose to take the traditional route, or you decide to switch things up, the goal is for the bride and her guests to have the time of their life! 

Who Hosts the Bridal Shower?

Technically, anyone is able to host a bridal shower; and usually, at least one person will volunteer to host the shower shortly after the bride announces her engagement. The following list is people that are traditionally designated or volunteer to host the bridal shower:

  • Bride’s Maid of Honor
  • Bridesmaids
  • Bride’s Mom
  • Bride’s Mother in law
  • Other family members
  • Friends

Teamwork makes the dream work. If there are multiple volunteers, everyone can work together and split the tasks. After it’s been made official who will be hosting the shower, the individual or group should collaborate with the bride to begin planning for the shower. 

Bridal Shower Costs

The cost of the bridal shower will depend on different factors including location, themes, and food options. Setting a budget will help reduce bridal shower costs. 

Bridal Shower Host Responsibilities 

Creating an iconic bridal shower is no small task. However, by following a guide and creating a to-do list, the hostess can plan the most memorable bridal shower of all time. Let’s look at the guide below and discuss the traditional duties that the bridal host has.   

  • - Get with your bride-to-be for a coffee and set a bridal shower date.
  • - The host is usually the person who fronts the bill for the bridal shower.
  • - Before you purchase anything, be sure to create a realistic budget
  • - Create the bridal shower guest list.
  • - Choose a location for where the shower will be held.
  • - Choose a theme for the shower.
  • - Send out invitations to the guests.
  • - Plan the food, drinks, and itinerary. 
  • - Purchase bridal shower decorations.
  • - Host a phenomenal bridal shower! 

Bridal Shower Party Food and Snacks

Planning a menu for the bridal shower doesn’t have to be difficult. You have a few options from having table foods, planning a full-course meal, or having a catering service deliver food. When deciding what type of food and snacks you would like to serve, take into consideration the location of the shower, and the time of day it will be hosted. 

Bridal Shower Locations

When it comes to the bridal shower location, you have tons of options to choose from. Ask the following questions: Are you hosting a formal shower? Will things be more relaxed? What ideas does the bride have? Narrow your options by taking a vote with a few others. Create a list of both indoor and outdoor options such as:

  • Fun in the sun pool party with drinks and cookout
  • Casual picnic at the park
  • Home
  • Venue
  • Wine tasting party
  • Restaurant
  • Bakery
  • In-laws home

Popular Bridal Shower Games

The Stunning Paper Bride

Toilet paper has many uses, and it’s good for more than just throwing it around your house at Halloween time as decorations, or toilet papering as a joke. Have some fun while creating unforgettable moments. Encourage all the guests to bring a pack of triple-ply toilet paper. Divide the guests into groups. Pick one person from each group as the dress model. The rest of the group gets to create the most iconic dream dress made from toilet paper. And guess who gets to pick their favorite dress? That’s right, the bride does. Don’t forget to take tons of pictures for the bride to share with her children someday. 

Test your Guess Cake Tasting

Get a variety of cakes and set up an enormous cake bar with bite-size cake pieces. Blindfold participants and have them taste the cake and guess the flavors. Whichever guest guesses the most flavors wins. You cant give a small gift to the top winners. 

Two truths and a lie

Let’s see who knows the bride and her guests best. Sit in a circle and have each guest tell two things that are true about them and one lie. Whoever guesses the lie wins. 

Bartender Imitation

Most bridal showers have alcoholic beverages. Have some fun with the drinks and find out who has the best skills when it comes to making cocktails. The bride gets to choose her favorite drink, and the winners get priority status to the bar.

Guess that Wine 

Most people give up on their dreams of an iconic wedding ceremony because it feels too overwhelming to plan. The goal is to not to have a bridal shower that causes more stress to have than the whole wedding. Hop into a limo and head over to a vineyard to taste the different wines. Make it more exciting and memorable by carrying a few blindfolds. Blindfold each guest and have them guess the flavor of the wine. The winner gets a free wine bottle. 

Bridal Shower Gifts

A bridal shower is an event where the bride is showered with gifts. It’s typical to spend anywhere from $25-$75 on a gift for the bridal shower. Additionally,  the bride can also pay her respect and give thanks to her guests for being a part of the wedding planning process. There are simple and affordable gifts such as customized mugs or maybe a bottle of wine that the bride can give to her bridal shower guests to show appreciation. 

Final Thoughts

Hosting the perfect bridal shower is not about the amount of money that you spend or where the shower is held. What makes it perfect is the lifetime memories that you are creating with your loved ones. You can host the most memorable bridal shower of all time in the back yard of your home, a picnic in the park, or an upscale venue. 

Most people give up on their dreams of an iconic wedding ceremony because it feels too overwhelming to plan. Life can be simple. Continue to enjoy your pre-wedding events while we help you create a memory of a lifetime, through thoughtfully organized experiences, tailored to iconic locations throughout Central Park, so you can step into your moment, with those you love.

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