Life after the Wedding: The Way Life Changes after your Wedding

Not sure what to expect after the wedding bells have rung? 

People spend months and sometimes even years trying to plan their wedding. You’ve dreamed of this moment for a long time, maybe even your whole life. A dream wedding ceremony in Central Park, across from the person you love, celebrating the love you share, and then it happened. You finally get to experience the most breathtakingly beautiful wedding in Central Park. Unfortunately, many people fail to plan for what’s going to happen after their wedding day. 

Getting married is one of the most significant transitions a person will ever choose to make in their life. Of course, change is inevitable. No matter how ready you are to settle down. And, you’ll be in for a rude awakening if you don’t properly prepare yourself for your life after getting married. Knowing what to expect after you’ve settled into your new life as a married couple will help you adjust to the changes. This will also help you and your partner set the foundation for the future of your lifelong relationship. Check out the list below to find out what to expect after you finally decide to tie the knot. 

“Change is Inevitable”

There is a lot of truth in the quote mentioned above. Change is bound to happen as we move through different stages in our lives. For example, when you get married. Embracing the changes in your life can help your relationship grow stronger.

You Learn How to Compromise Better with Others

The famous saying “pick your battles wisely” serves a significant purpose in relationships. But what does it mean? It means exactly as it sounds. Everything is not worth an argument, so pick your battles. Learn how to compromise with your partner and meet each other in the middle. Sometimes this means making certain adjustments and setting aside your pride. 

Your Sex Life can Get Better after Getting Married

Date nights with wild or romantic sex? Go for it! You’re a married couple now. Spice up your bedroom life by trying new things together. After you’ve officially become a married couple, the intimacy in your relationship grows. This will allow you to be more open when it comes to bedroom adventures. 

Get Ready because you Might Gain Weight

After you get married, your priorities begin to change. You may spend less time at the gym and more time traveling or trying new foods with your spouse. And as you start to get more comfortable with your partner, there's a high possibility that you’ll add a few extra pounds. If you have issues with severe weight gain after you get married, it might be a good idea to talk to your health care provider or meet with a nutritionist. You can also create a plan with your partner to make it a habit to hit the gym or go for an afternoon run together. 

Your Sleep Patterns Start to Change 

After you tie the knot, you might start feeling a little sleep-deprived. Or maybe you are sleeping a little more than you were before. If you and your partner didn’t live together before getting married, adjusting to each other's sleeping patterns can be challenging. One of you might snore; maybe the other one likes the room to feel like you’re in the North Pole. Some people sleep with a night light or television turned on, which may distress the other person. Set up a sleep schedule together so that you are both able to get in your beauty rest. 

You Check-in with Each other More Often

You are used to coming and going as you please without answering anyone. After you get married, it’s essential to keep your partner in consideration when making plans. You should be able to talk to each other about your schedules so that you can plan together.  This way, nobody feels left out. 

You Can go Through Wedding Planning Withdrawals

You’ve been the center of attention for how long? You’ve spent relentless hours planning for this time to come. And then you have your dream wedding, and in one day, it’s all gone. Here comes the PANIC ATTACK! Now it’s time to sit still. It’s time to embrace the emotions and allow yourself to have quiet time and connect with your partner as newlyweds. 

Other Ways that Life Changes after your Wedding Day

  • Your last name changes (if you want it to)

  • Your feelings towards one another may change

  • You Argue Differently as a Married Couple

  • Your priorities in career, finances, and friendships may change 

  • Your finances change with a combined income

  • Your tax filing status 

Final Thoughts

Planning a wedding is super stressful, especially in Central Park. The after-wedding effect can create more stressors. We offer you a simple and streamlined way to plan your central park wedding with an online platform that makes it easy to plan so that you can prepare for life after your wedding day. 

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