Planning the Most Iconic, Memorable Dream Honeymoon

Regardless of where you are in the wedding planning process, it’s a good idea to take a little break from wedding planning and start thinking about your honeymoon plans too. Planning your dream honeymoon can be just as time-consuming and stressful as planning your wedding. Here are some things to consider when planning your honeymoon: 

  • How long is your honeymoon going to be?
  • Where on earth do you and your partner want to go? 
  • When is the best time to go on your honeymoon?
  • Do you need to request time off from work? 

If you are thinking about postponing your honeymoon, think about planning a post-wedding mini-moon getaway or a staycation to celebrate as newlyweds after your wedding. After months of wedding planning stress and finally having your dream wedding, your post-wedding plans should include some much-needed quality time and relaxation for you and your partner. Check out the tips below to help you get the honeymoon planning started.

Tip # 1. Pick your Honeymoon Date

Before anything, you have to set your honeymoon date. Decide if you want to go right after your wedding or if you’d like to wait a few months. A few things to consider when choosing your honeymoon date:

  • Where are you going?
  • What will the weather be like? 
  • What excursions are offered during the time that you want to go? 
  • Is there a fluctuation in prices for a specific time of the year? 

Tip # 2. Set your Honeymoon Budget and Follow it

Ok, the budget rule for your wedding planning also goes for the honeymoon planning! Set your honeymoon budget and stay as close to it as possible. This can help eliminate financial problems in the future. 

Tip # 3. Decide Whos Making the Plans

As if planning the wedding isn’t stressful and time-consuming enough, right? Now it’s time to talk about who will take over the honeymoon planning. We have a better idea, just plan it together! This will ensure that both of your needs are being met.

Tip # 4. Book your Honeymoon Trip Early

Booking your trip early can save you money and headaches. If you wait until the last minute, you risk paying higher costs and the possibility of hotels already fully booked. 

Tip # 5. Think about Hiring a Travel Agent to Help Instead 

Ok, superhero! It may be a good idea to let the travel agents come to the rescue this time. If you need help planning your honeymoon, a travel agent can definitely be helpful, and they may even be able to give you more bang for your bucks! You know, a good travel agent “has the hookups.”

Tip # 6. Be Specific about What you Both Want

Spend a little bit of quality time with your partner and talk about your honeymoon dreams. Do you picture yourselves at the Eiffel Tower in Paris or drinking piña coladas on a white sand beach on some island in Mexico? Find room for negotiation so that you and your partner will both be happy. 

Tip # 7. Be Aware of Hidden Costs

The last thing you need is to be surprised by last-minute and unexpected costs. Be sure that you read the fine print and understand what you are paying for. If you have questions about what is or isn’t included in a price or are unsure about other things such as hotel transportation, don’t hesitate to ask for clarification. Don’t make assumptions, either. 

Tip # 8. Don't Copy Someone Else’s Trip

This trip is for you and your partner to enjoy the things that you want to do. Getting recommendations from others is excellent. However, it’s important to plan your honeymoon tailored to meet your likings. 

Tip # 9. Be Unique and Schedule Surprises

Get creative with the honeymoon planning. Schedule a few different honeymoon surprises for your partner, such as a massage day at the spa or some sort of adventure that you know you and your partner will both love. 

Tip # 10. Don’t Forget to Purchase Travel Insurance

Emergencies happen all the time. The COVID-19 pandemic is a perfect example. Don’t let an emergency cause you heartbreak and the money that you spent on your honeymoon. Travel insurance is pretty affordable, and it can give you peace of mind. 

Final Thoughts

After choosing your honeymoon destination, don’t forget to post some of your ideas on social media and ask for recommendations from others. If you are up for it, you can even create a blog for your honeymoon planning that can serve as an inspiration for others. 

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