Setting Boundaries with Loved Ones While Planning Your Wedding

Everyone deserves to celebrate the love they share with an iconic wedding. At Happenings, we know that planning a wedding is super stressful, especially in Central Park. When you toss two different families into the mix, things can become even more stressful. The couples’ mothers may want something a certain way; other family members want to throw in their thoughts and opinions.

And well, let’s not forget about the couple! Ya know, the two people that are getting married. 

Some couples may feel bad for not wanting their parents or others to get too involved with the wedding planning. However, there are healthy ways to set clear boundaries with all parties and reduce the possibilities of unnecessary wedding planning drama. You also have to keep in mind that you’re selecting the tone for your new family’s future. With that being said, check out our top tips for setting boundaries with loved ones while planning your dream wedding. 

TIP # 1. Choose a Timeline & Stick to It

Are you planning on getting married in 6 months or two years? Pick a timeline that works best for you and your partner and stick to it. Don’t let the opinions of others influence or rush the wedding planning for you and your partner. 

TIP # 2. Put a Plan in Place

To establish boundaries with your loved ones, you have to have a mutual understanding with your partner of what you're planning for your wedding day. This helps immensely with setting boundaries for your iconic wedding. Having a set plan for everyone's duties will also help family members feel left out, giving everyone an assigned role. Without a solid plan, you are going to have a hard time setting boundaries. 

TIP # 3. Find out Who is Contributing to the Wedding Budget

Asking about wedding contributions may feel a little awkward. Still, it’s essential to find out early on who will be contributing or not and whether you and your partner want to accept that contribution. People say that money doesn’t matter… Let’s be real honest here. Money does matter, and it gives some people the feeling of entitlement. This is something that you want to keep in mind before you accept contributions from your family.  

If a person contributes to a wedding budget, they are most likely to have input in a few decisions. Think about it. If you were spending thousands of dollars on someone’s wedding, you would certainly most likely feel some form of entitlement to have your opinions considered as well. You don't want a family feud with your in-laws right before your wedding celebration.

TIP # 4. Prioritize What Matters to You and Your Partner

Prioritize as soon as you know what you want. Money is one point that creates a great deal of drama and unwanted advice, so using this as an example. Perhaps you and your fiancé have always wanted a band, but your mother-in-law does not think people will like it as well as it's an excellent area to conserve money since DJs are sometimes a bit more affordable. Simply inform her that the band is something you have constantly desired to have, and also, you've conserved cash on less costly invitations and prefer to have your dream band execute. Easy! When somebody questions what you desire, focus on as well as don't waver.

TIP # 5. Communicate

Communication is a crucial element that helps prevent any disastrous confrontations during the wedding planning process. You need to be clear in what you expect from individuals, whether and when you're willing to accept opinions, and what YOU and your partner desire. Get straight to the point, and others will be less likely to try and overstep your boundaries. Identify what you are willing to compromise on and what's non-negotiable for you and your fiancé. It is a good idea to discuss this with both sides of the family too. Try setting up a date night so that both families can meet in person to go over important details. This will help avoid any misinterpretations. 

TIP # 6. Say "No" to Whatever you Want

Let's be honest, a whole lot of us are people pleasers. Of course, you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. However, if it’s not something that will make you and your partner happy, it’s ok to say no. This could be saying no to opening gifts at a specific time or the location for your wedding. Know when, to be honest about an idea and say no when you feel that you need to. Whatever it is, if it’s not in your wedding ideas, you don’t have to accept it. 

TIP # 7. Be Considerate of Your Loved Ones

YES!! In a perfect world, this day is all about you and the love of your life. However, if we look through reality’s lens, this day isn’t just about you. Your wedding is a big day for your parents, siblings, best friend, college friends, and other people that have seen you grow through the years. With many people excited about your wedding, there come many opinions and ideas that will be thrown your way too. 

TIP # 8. Delegate Where You and Your Partner Fit 

Planning for your dream wedding is fun and stressful. No bride or groom should even attempt to plan a whole wedding ceremony and celebration alone.

Create a list and determine what roles you and your partner will play in your wedding planning process. 

TIP # 9. Prepare for Expected Headaches

When you start planning for your wedding, think about the people with strong opinions and begin setting boundaries with them early on. 

TIP # 10. Learn to Smile and Walk Away

A lot of things are out of our control. That includes people and specific events. When all else falls short, simply smile and walk away. Take a deep breath, and if you need to, you can revisit the situation at a later time. 

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