The Most Iconic, Memorable Bridesmaids Gifts

The Most Iconic, Memorable Bridesmaids Gifts That Your Friends will Love

Your bridesmaids have gone above and beyond to give you their support to help you plan a Breathtaking beautiful wedding ceremony. They’ve spent countless hours perfecting details to make sure that your wedding day becomes the most memorable day of your life. From the wedding proposal to your bachelorette party, you’ve had laughter and tears, and they have stood by your side. Show your bridesmaids appreciation for all that they’ve done by finding the perfect gift to simply say “thank you.” In this article, we’ll talk about the most iconic, memorable gifts that your bridesmaids will cherish for years to come.

Bridesmaid Watches

Express your heartfelt gratitude by giving your bridesmaids watches. From different sizes and selections to choose from, a watch is the most iconic way to give thanks to your bridesmaids.

Custom Coffee Mugs

Let’s be honest. Most of the world can’t live without coffee. And if you and your bridesmaids have spent the after-hours planning for pre-wedding and wedding things, it’s likely you’ve had a few extra cups of coffee along the way. Coffee mugs are a great way to show appreciation because it’s a gift that your bridesmaids can reuse daily. You can customize the mugs to match your wedding theme, or have a special message with your bridesmaids' name written on them.

Customized Beauty Bag

Get creative and head over to the beauty store to stock up on gifts to fill your bridesmaids’ beauty bags. You can also find affordable lotions, hand soaps, scrubs, and other scented items at stores like Bath and Body Works and Victoria’s Secret. 

Memorable Jewelry 

Thinking of getting your matron of honor or all of your bridesmaids a gift but you aren’t sure what to get? Jewelry is a great option that can last forever. Tomorrow and Always offers affordable gift boxes with beautiful necklaces and bracelets inside them. 

Bridesmaid Dress

The bridesmaid’s dress can get expensive. If your wishes are for your bridesmaids to wear a specific dress brand or style, you may want to pick up the tab. This is a gift that you can include in your expenses when you create your wedding budget. 

Matching Tattoos 

Every bride selectively chooses their bridesmaids to be a part of her tribe. 

Just how close are you and your matron of honor? While it may not be everybody’s cup of tea, it might be yours. Every bridesmaid needs to know that even past the single days, she’s going to remain an important part of your life. So, if you are tattoo lovers, take your matron of honor and your bridesmaid(s) and go get those matching tattoos. 

A Fine Bottle of Wine 

After spending countless hours helping you make sure that your wedding planning is as you imagined, a bottle of wine is a great gift to receive towards the end of the finish line. You can make it fun and more meaningful by customizing labels for each person. 

Personalized Tumblers

Tumblers and yeti cups have become quite popular because of their durability and the ability to have them customized in many ways. You know your bridesmaids more than anyone. If they are tumbler lovers, give them a new one to add to their collection and have it personalized. 

Customized Tote Bag

Most women carry around tote bags on a regular basis. You can find affordable tote bags and have them customized as a gift for all of your bridesmaids. If you want to make it more special, fill the bag with your bridesmaid’s favorite items. 

Relaxing Spa Massages

Indulge in relaxation with your bridesmaids by hiring a private masseuse to host relaxing spa massages. Or even better plan a day at the spa to get deep-tissue and hot stone aromatherapy massages.  Who doesn’t need a massage, right? 

Personalized Getting Ready Matching Robe Sets

Nothing better than getting a spa massage and then being able to wrap up in a brand new matching robe with your tribe! The girls will love them, and they will be able to use them long after your wedding day. 

Bridal Party Personalized Silk Pajamas 

Plan on having a bridal party sleepover with your bridesmaids? Spend your last night of being single comfortably with silk pajamas. You can have them personalized with each of your bridesmaids' names. 

Manicure and Pedicure

There is nothing more refreshing than stepping into your moment with a fresh mani and pedi. Make it a date with the girls and enjoy some relaxation time at the nail salon. Some salons even offer complimentary wine that you can enjoy with the girls. 

Bridesmaid Hair/Makeup

Being a part of a Central Park wedding can become costly. Especially if everyone is paying for things separately. A way to show your bridesmaids appreciation and give them a thoughtful gift is to pay for their hair and makeup. You can make it cost-effective by finding an artist that charges per hour or per job. 

Thank you Gift Cards from Starbucks Coffee

Gift cards are a simple and inexpensive way to show your guests gratitude. The most purchased gift cards probably come from Starbucks. So, for the high-ticket coffee lovers, purchase Starbucks gift cards and other Starbucks items from the comfort of your home. The best part is that you can send the gift cards via email. 

Personalized Candles

Every woman loves scented candles. And there’s no better way to make her feel special by ordering luxurious personalized candles for her to show your appreciation for all that she’s done. 

Bridesmaids Gift Sets

Gift sets are a convenient and cost-effective way to show your bridal shower guests your appreciation for them. Gift sets may be time-consuming to make, especially if you are making them alone. You can purchase gift sets and other bridesmaid’s gifts at Bridesmaids Gifts Boutique

Happenings™ Ever After 

Having such considerate and supportive bridesmaids can make your wedding planning simpler; and Gift giving is an excellent way to show your gratitude for your bridesmaids.

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