Things You Should NOT Say Right after a Wedding Proposal

Things that you Should NOT Say Right after a Wedding Proposal

The moment that you’ve been waiting for has finally come. Your partner is down on one knee, asking for your hand in marriage. You’re excited, shocked, and speechless, and now you’re trying to come up with the right words to say. There’s only one issue. You just don’t know what to say other than yes (assuming you’re going to say yes). The thoughts are racing through your mind, and as you’re trying to process the moment, maybe you got a bad taste in your mouth. The proposal is nothing like you imagined.

If your partner's proposal didn’t meet your expectations, it’s ok to be upset. However, there is a time and a place for everything, and some things are better left unsaid. Put a sock in it, avoid any of the comments or questions from the list below. Enjoy the moment because soon, you will be planning the most iconic, memorable day of your life. 

This ring is too small. I can’t believe you don’t know my size.

Take a deep breath. Sometimes our hands swell. Maybe they made a mistake in ring size. It happens more often than you’d think. The good thing is that rings can be resized to fit more comfortably. 

It took you way too long to propose 

It may have taken your partner a long time to propose. Maybe you were beginning to get discouraged. You may have thought that it would never happen or that marriage would always remain “just a dream.” More so if you have been together for a few years or longer than a decade. 

Well, guess what! Your partner just proposed! Pretty soon, you are going to be planning the dream wedding that you’ve been waiting for. Leave the guilt trip aside. Don’t kill the moment by telling your partner that it took them long enough to propose. 

I was planning on leaving you if you didn’t propose by a specific date. 

You might have made plans to end the relationship if your partner didn’t propose by a specific date. However, now is not the time to bring that up. In all honesty, maybe never is the time to bring it up. They don’t need to know all that. For whatever reason they hadn’t proposed before, they did now. Give them a break and enjoy a romantic night as a newly engaged couple. 

Babe, are you sure the stone is real? 

Seriously? That is really not a question you should ask right after your partner just asked for your hand in marriage. Additionally, if you have any questions about your ring, you’ve got a lifetime ahead to ask them, and this is the engagement ring; you'll get another ring when your big day comes. 

I don’t like this ring. I thought you had better taste than that. I thought I would get a better-looking ring than that.

It’s ok to think. Right now is not the time to act on your thoughts though. Your partner picked out a ring that they thought would be perfect for you.  If you have any concerns about the ring, you can address them later.

Dude, Your speech sucked! 

Did you ever stop to think that your partner might have been a little nervous? Come on, maybe they didn’t know what to say. At least they were thoughtful enough to propose at all. So embrace the moment and leave that conversation for another day.

Are you crazy? We can’t afford this, and you should not have spent that kind of money on an engagement ring. 

Can your partner enjoy this special moment too? Talking about your partner’s inability to afford your engagement ring is not appropriate right now.

Thanks babe, it’s been a long day, and I am ready for bed.

Don’t seem so excited! Reacting to your partner in this manner right after they just proposed to you will probably give them a feeling that you are not too happy about the engagement. You’ll survive, stay up and enjoy the moment with your partner. 

Babe, come on, we’re going to miss the new episode of 90-day Fiance!

Ummmm, NO! You can skip this episode. There are more episodes to come. If it’s that important for you to watch, record the episode and return to it later. 

I already knew that you were going to propose to me today. 

You may have been sure that your partner was going to propose, and you were right. They did. Put on your surprised face and enjoy yourselves as a newly engaged couple. 

Your proposal was boring. It didn’t feel romantic/intimate/creative.

You are engaged now! You can plan a romantic/intimate/creative wedding. Every proposal has its own uniqueness and what makes it unique is the couple and the love that’s shared between you. Avoid criticizing your partner for the way that they proposed to you.

Where is everyone? Why didn’t you invite anyone to the proposal?

Your partner may or may not have a surprise planned for you later with your family and friends. Let it be a surprise because if they don’t have any surprises planned for later, this could make them feel bad. Make things simple, pick up the phone, and call your closest loved ones to share the news. 

My parents are going to be so upset that you didn’t tell them.

Your parents may be upset, and it’s tradition to ask for the parents' blessings, but your parents will be fine. If they are upset, just remind them that they have a lot to look forward to for your upcoming wedding planning. This moment is for you and your fiance. 

How much did you pay for this ring? 

The cost of your engagement ring is irrelevant. Your partner purchased a ring that they wanted for you. Whether the engagement ring was a couple hundred dollars or a couple thousand, now is not the time to talk about money. 

Who is going to take the pictures? Where is the photographer?

Oops. Your partner forgot to hire a professional photographer. Cell phone quality is pretty good these days. Take your own pictures if there isn’t a photographer. 

I knew this was coming. I looked in your drawer the other day and found the ring. 

Triple no! Can we say an invasion of space? Why were you looking in their drawer anyway? Ok, just act surprised and don’t tell them that you were going through their drawer. They just proposed to you. See the awkwardness? 

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