Things You Shouldn't Post on Social Media After Getting Engaged

Congratulations on your recent proposal. Getting engaged is one of the most iconic, memorable days of your life. Of course, the minute you say "Yes!" to the proposal, you'll be eager to share the news with your loved ones. Likewise, you probably plan to share the big announcement on all of your social media platforms. Who doesn’t want the world to know that they just got engaged? It’s ok to spread the big news. However, there are just some things about your engagement that you should keep private. In this article, we’re going to talk about 10 things that you shouldn’t post on social media right after getting engaged. 

# 1. Don’t Post News about the Engagement too Soon

One thing that you should avoid doing on social networks is talking about your engagement too soon. Be sure that before you post anything on social media, you and your partner have had the opportunity to share the exciting news with most of your family and friends first. 

# 2.  Forget about Posting a Bunch of Hashtags

Hashtags are a terrific way to make your social media posts easier to find. Nonetheless, overloading your followers with an abundance of wedding event-related hashtags is going to be frustrating on their end. It can get annoying. Pick a few thoroughly curated hashtags that fit your engagement. Try using graphics instead if you were thinking about using hashtags to direct people to a wedding event blog or article. 

# 3. Never Post Information about your Engagement Ring

Although it might be tempting to do so, never post the information about your diamond on social media platforms. This includes the setup, carat, weight, cut info, and certainly not the cost of the ring. Doing so can be misinterpreted by others as oversharing or bragging. Also, refrain from sharing things you might not like about your ring or what you would have liked better. For example, making statements like “the ring isn’t exactly what I wanted, but it’s ok for now.” Some things are better left off of social media. 

# 4. Don’t Post a Video clip of Your Engagement Ring

While a photo of your ring is most definitely acceptable to upload on social media platforms, avoid publishing a close-up video clip of your ring. This can come across as inappropriate and take away the focus from what really matters. You just got engaged! 

# 5. Don’t Post Anything about the People Invited to your Wedding Party

It's all-natural once you're engaged to begin planning the details for your dream wedding. It's also fun! However, don’t share details such as who's in your wedding celebration event on social media networks because it can make uninvited individuals feel isolated or neglected from the start. Keep these details within your inner circle to avoid hurting someone’s feelings. 

# 6. Try not to Post too Many Photos of your Wedding Proposal

Posting engagement pictures for others to see is great. Just make sure that you aren't taking away the moment from the engagement. Post a few images you like the most with a bit of announcement to go along with it. 

# 7. Don’t Post Polls or Other Voting Features when you are Making Announcements about your Engagement

This is a wedding proposal, not a voting booth. Your wedding will be a celebration of the love that you and your partner share, so avoid asking others for their opinions. 

# 8. Slow your Roll, Don’t even think about Changing your Last Name Yet

We know you are super stoked about getting married. We are just as excited for you! However, The Future Mr. or Mrs. XYZ doesn’t need to be blasted all over your social media profiles yet. And remember, until you are actually married, you should not be changing your last name. Posting too much too soon may cause others to question your intentions. 

# 9. Leave out the Future Wedding Plans for Now

Just like you don't want to share possible pre-wedding wedding celebration details, you also shouldn’t share any wedding information until you and your partner have decided the plans for sure. 

# 10. Don’t Talk too Much About Emotions 

Ok, your partner just proposed, how sweet. It can be something as simple as that.  Save the squishy emotions for you and your partner to experience together in private. Not only should some things be kept private, but by sharing fewer emotions on social media platforms, you can share them with your partner. This will help build a stronger, intimate relationship between the two of you. 

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