All About Dating in 2021

Are you ready to settle down? Do you constantly think about what your dream wedding will be like? Maybe you are even wondering if that dream wedding will ever happen. First of all, you can't have a wedding if you don't have a partner to marry; and you can't find a partner if you aren't actively looking. But with tons of different ways to “date,” how do you know that you are ready to date or dating to prepare for marriage? Here is what we have learned about the dating game in 2021. 

The Difference Between Dating VS. Relationship

Many of us have invested time in someone in the past, only to find out that our plans with that person weren’t the same plans they had in mind. For this reason, it’s crucial to identify the difference between dating a person and being in a relationship with them. 


If you are dating, more than likely, you are still exploring your options and trying to find out if you can catch a bigger or better fish in the sea. 

Committed Relationship: 

Being in a committed relationship means that you are officially off the market and not looking at other options. 

Different Types of Dating

  • Dating for Marriage
  • Online Dating
  • Casual/Fun Dating 
  • Blind Dating
  • Arranged Dating 
  • Rebound Dating 
  • Engagement Dating
  • Sexual Dating 
  • Friends with Benefits Dating 
  • Situationship 
  • Experimental Dating
  • Extramarital Dating

The Modern-Day Dating Dictionary

Not sure who came up with such a thing, but it certainly exists! If you are wondering what these new dating terms could mean in the world, check out First Love Stories, they have created a list from A-Z of modern-day dating terms and phrases so that you aren’t left in the dark. 

Important Things that you Need to Know about Dating in 2021

Don’t invest too much of your time and energy too soon.

This may be difficult, especially if you are really into a person. However, you should never invest too much time at the beginning of a relationship. As you get to know someone, you’ll be able to determine whether or not they are even worth your time. 

Don’t be fooled. Actions speak louder than words.

Let go of your expectations. Accept the possibility that the person you are dating might be interested in other people as well. You aren’t exclusive until the both of you have agreed that you are ready to be in a committed relationship with each other. Until then, explore your options and date on! 

You’ve got options, don’t just settle.

Yep! One of the beauties of dating is that men and women have enormous options to choose from. There are over 7 billion people in this world; you are bound to find your special someone.

Find someone that has similar relationship goals as you do.

This will allow you to grow, make positive changes, and accept aspects of your personality that you may have previously rejected. It can make a big difference in your quality of life if you meet someone interested in running sprints on Friday nights rather than binging on alcohol at the club.

Don't give up on relationships because of one bad apple.

To attract the right person, you must first improve yourself and heal from the damage caused by previous relationships. Don’t let your past hinder your future to find love again. Every person is not the same, and there are still good people in the world. 

Final Thoughts

“If it sounds like it’s too good to be true, it’s usually too good to be true.” 

If you are involved with a person that is “Mr. or Mrs. Perfect,” this can be a red flag, so proceed with caution. Of course, we all have good qualities, but remember, we all have flaws as well. Keep that in mind while you are exploring the wonderful world of dating. 

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