Wedding florist

Flowers play an integral role in setting the mood of your wedding ceremony. They add a bit of texture and color and can enhance the overall elegance of your special moment. Happenings™ works with the best florists in the area to ensure that you are getting quality, variety, and reliability. Our florists offer a wide variety of floral arrangement styles and can customize arrangements to suit your individual preferences. Each of our florists have a reputation of being reliable, punctual, and offering excellent execution. Whether it’s a simple rose or an exotic orchid, our florists can make your flower vision come true.

Happenings™ simplifies the process of getting exactly what you want. Inside your Happenings™ event profile you can select inspiration images for your floral arrangements. However, if you have something particular in mind just simply take a picture of it and download it directly into your file. We will share this information with your florist that can help turn your vision into reality.


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