Evolution Yields Innovative Events

Much of the initial resistance to the system devised by Happenings™ was due to the perception that evolution and technology could render current services in the event planning industry obsolete.

One, in particular, is the Event Planner. The majority of Event Planners operate using a fee-based system to oversee the event's entire logistical process. They coordinate and act as the liaison between the client, location, and vendors. Event Planners build their network and reputation through positive experiences with both clients and vendors. The network Event Planners create is invaluable to them, helping them provide consistent and reliable results. The problem is that this established network of relationships often limits consumers' options.  

While the initial concern and resistance are understandable, it's important to realize that the event industry is all about evolution. Like the fashion industry, the event industry requires a constant influx of new resources to deliver exciting and innovative results.

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