Happenings™ Is the Way Forward

Changing the event planning industry to be more consumer-friendly is inevitable. Happenings™, designed around the systems used by world-class event designer and founder Tom Noel, helps make the event planning process more welcoming and inclusive. In other words, Happenings™ helps turn the wedding planning process into one that is more fitting to 'come one, call all.'

The entire process from inception to execution is simplified with the intelligent automated process that is the Happenings™ system. This system lets consumers quickly and effortlessly plan every aspect of their event, from venue to photographer to videographer. Happenings™ efficiently pairs consumers with locations and service providers that are both knowledgeable and aware of expectations, keeping in mind both desired results and budget.  

The entire process is as simple as booking a trip online. Rather than hunting for service providers that can work with your dates and locations, Happenings™ pairs you with experts that are experienced shooting in your desired location. This helps consumers and allows Happenings™ to help vendors with their customer acquisition and relationship management.

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