Tips for Planning a Wedding Proposal

Are you ready to put a ring on it but you aren't sure how to make your proposal unique? Creating the iconic wedding proposal of your dreams can be difficult and overwhelming, even for the most romantic person. Remember, the proposal doesn’t have to be big and fancy, you just need to make it extra special for you and your partner. Here are a few tips to help you prepare before you get on one knee and ask your partner for their hand in marriage. 

TIP # 1. Think about where you want to propose 

Where did you guys meet? Is there a place that you and your partner have talked about in the past? What about taking a trip you've always wanted to take and proposing there? Who's going to be included? These are a few things to think about before deciding on the location where you want to propose.

TIP # 2. Talk to mutual friends and family members 

Has your partner mentioned any details to your friends or family of where their ideal location would be for a wedding proposal? Will they be able to help you plan the best proposal ever without ruining the surprise? The more, the merrier! Take a load off of your shoulders and let your loved ones help out. This will also make your proposal more intimate and memorable for everyone. 

TIP # 3. Pick out a ring

If you've made it to this point, you're getting pretty close to proposing. It's a little nerve-wracking, huh? Exciting? All of the above? Take a deep breath and remember that this special moment is for you and your partner. Now it's time to go ring shopping! 

TIP # 4. Think about what you want to say to your partner 

Before you write anything down, think of what you want to say to your partner when you propose. Take a journey down memory lane from the beginning of your relationship until now. Think about things like how you fell in love with them and how you can relive your happiest memories when you propose. 

TIP # 5. Write it down

Ok now that you’ve had time to think about what you want to say when you propose, grab an index card and start writing. The easiest way to help you memorize your speech is by using bullet points on specific topics you want to include. This could be things like why you fell in love with your partner, how you met, their qualities, and how they love you unconditionally. 

TIP # 6. Practice your speech

Practicing your proposal speech is similar to practicing the speech you'd give for a toast at a wedding. Write down your words on paper first and then practice. Trying to wing it without practicing can be a disaster once you are in the moment. You may be so overwhelmed with emotions, you forget what it is that you plan to say. Save yourself the possibility of being embarrassed by planning ahead.

TIP # 7. Don’t forget about the traditions 

There are a couple of engagement customs that you might want to consider before popping the question. If you and your partner are big on traditions, you may want to get approval from your partner's family or friends before you propose and put a ring on it. Traditionally, the father or the parents of the bride are the ones that give the blessing. However, with a shift in family dynamics, and depending on your partner's relationship with their parents, you can also get blessed by another family member or even close friends. If you and your partner aren't into tradition, throw out the blessing request and just send an invite for the proposal date. The good thing is that this proposal is about you and your partner. Do what is best for you. 

TIP # 8. It’s ok to show your emotions

No matter how much you practice the wedding proposal in advance, you are more than likely to get emotional when the time comes for you to propose. It’s ok to show those emotions. Speaking from the heart, and showing your true emotions allows you to be vulnerable and make the special moment more meaningful for you and your partner.

TIP # 9. Capture the special moment

Whether you hire a professional photographer or ask a friend to take a few pictures, make sure that someone is there to take pictures or a video of the proposal. You can add this to your wedding pictures and video. 

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